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The Ravelco Anti Theft Device is raw and unstoppable. In a world where alarms are overlooked, factory alarms and killswitches are laughed at, and tracking devices take time to report. So now what?.... Well you will soon find out how the Ravelco is unlike any other anti theft product. Connected in the engine compartment it cannot be hotwired, it cannot be bypassed, and has a lifetime warranty.

Thieves steal vehicles by the wires located under the dash. Along with these factory wires are alarm centers, killswitches, and immobilizers. A one stop work spot, and a great way to hide from the outside public. The Ravelco runs a steel enforced cable to the engine compartment where all connections are made. All connections are hidden away inside your factory wiring harnesses. Removing engine parts & electrical wiring is something they do not have the time for. Ravelco has proven this for 30 years being undefeated.

If you would like to see pictures from attempted thefts on Ravelco protected vehicles. Click here

Summertime is when auto theft quickly escalates. Protect your car, trucks, tractors, and more with the Ravelco before vehicle theft takes you by surprise! You will wish you had after you see the time spent and amount you receive from insurance companies. On top of all that we see many vehicles come to us after stolen and recovered. The damage left behind in the interior and what is left is enough to want to get rid of it! Ravelco is the only anti-theft device proven and stops theft before it happens!!

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